Product Name:   Maleic anhydride
  Chemical Name:   Maleic anhydride
  CAS-Number:   108-31-6
  Molecular Formula:   C4H2O3
  Description:   Maleic anhydride is the base material in
  unsaturated polyester resins, used in the
  manufacture of a wide variety of consumer
  products, including paper surface coating,
  pharmaceutics, agricultural insecticide,
  additives of oil products and modified alkyd
  resins. The use of MA is also rapidly
  increasing for production of butanediol and  

  Appearance   White flakes or briquettes
  Purity(by MA ) %   99.5 Min.
  Solidification point ℃   52.4 Min.
  Molten color APHA   20 Max.
  Ash Wt%   0.003 Max.
  Iron PPM   0.5 Max.

1 12 23

Packing :
In polyethylene bags, or paper bags, net weight 25kg.
Caution :
To avoid expose to wet during transportation. Do not touch skin, eyes with MA, because of MA is corrosive.

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