Product Name:   Phthalic Anhydride (PA)
  CAS-Number:   85-44-9
  Molecular Formula:   C8H4O3

  An important organic chemical raw material, be used in   produce PVC plasticizer, polyester resin, alkyd resin, dye,   paint, medicine, pesticide, saccharin etc.

  Appearance   White flakes or crystal powders
  Purity%   99.5 Min
  Heat Stability (Hazan)   50 Max
  Melting Color (Hazan)   20 Max
  Crystal Point ℃   130.5 Min
  Ash %   0.05 Max
  Free Acid%   0.5 Max

Package: Woven bag lining plastic, 25 kg/bag
Storage: Keep in dry and ventilated storage house, protect from fire, moisture,sun light, rain, keep package complete. Handle with armour, do not touch it or breathe in.
Storage Time: 3 months.



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