Product Name:   Dioctyl Phthalate(D0P)
  CAS-Number:   117-81-7
  Molecular Formula:   C24H38O4

  DOP is a kind of main plasticizers to be used widely,   especially for vinyl resin. Good solubility with many   polymers, high plasticization, low volatility, good flexibility   at low temperature, lower separability and toxicity, good   conductance. Be used to the process to make PVC board,   plastic film, imitation leather, cable sheathing etc., adding   to nitrocellulose painting, the painting gets more springy   and tensile strength. As softening agent in
  butadient-acrylonitrile rubber.

  Appearance   Transparent, colourless oily liquid
  Colour (Pt-Co)   40 Max
  Ester comtent %   99.0 Min
  Density(ρ20) g/cm3   0.982-0.988
  Acidity %(Phthalic acid)   0.015 Max
  Heat losses %   0.2 Max
  Flash point ℃   192 Min
  Heat colour (Pt-Co)   75 Max
  Volume resistivity Ω.cm   1X1011 Min

Package:Zinc plating or iron barrel. 200kg/barrel.
Storage:Keep in dry and ventilating conditions, protect from fire, sun light, rain, Don’t ram or strike during transportation. Don’t damage the package, leakage, mix with water and impurities.
Storage Time:3 months


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