Product Name:   Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
  CAS-Number:   84-74-2
  Molecular Formula:   C16H22O4

  DBP is an excellent plasticizing agent, usually used in   plastic, synthetic rubber, imitation leather etc, especially,   PVC, nitrocellulose painting, alkyd resin, aldolresin, ethyl   cellulose and cholorobutyl rubber, also as agent of   perfumer, fixative and safe insect repellant.

  Appearance   Transparent, colourless oily liquid
  Colour (Pt-Co)   25 Max
  Ester comtent %   99.0 Min
  Density (ρ20) g/cm3   1.044-1.048
  Acidity%(Phthalic acid)   0.015 Max
  Heat losses %   0.5 Max
  Flash point ℃   160 Min
  Heat colour (Pt-Co)   100 Max

Package:Zinc plating or iron barrel, 200 kg/barrel.
Keep in dry and ventilating conditions, protect from fire, sun light,
rain, Don’t ram or strike in transport. Don’t damage the package, leakage, mix
with water and impurities.
Storage Time:3 months.


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