Product Name:   L-Alanine
  CAS-Number:   56-41-7
  Molecular Formula:   C3H7NO2

  L-Alanine is the main raw material of composing the   medicine such as amino acid injection fluid, orally-taken   fluid and vitamin B6 in medicine industry. And it’s main
  raw material of drinks, food, seasoning, oil, salted and   dried food, pickles additive in food industry, having the   effect of antisepsis and keep fresh.

  Appearance   White crystalline powder
  Purity%   99.0 Min
  Transmittance %   98.0 Min
  Specific Rotation [α]D20   +14.3°~+ 15.2°
  pH   5.7~6.7
  Loss on Drying %   0.2 Max
  Total Ash%   0.1 Max
  Chloride[Cl] %   0.02 Max
  Heavy Metals   10 ppm Max
  Arsenic   1 ppm Max
  Sulfate[SO42-] %   0.02 Max
  Ammonium salt[NH4] %   0.02 Max
  Iron[Fe]   10 ppm Max
  Other amino acid   Negative


  • Knitting bag – 25 Kg
  • Paper bag – 25 Kg
  • Paper drum – 25 Kg

Storage: sealed and stored in a cool, light-resistant and dry place



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