Product Name:   Calcium L-aspartate
  CAS-Number:   39162-75-9
  Molecular Formula:   C8H12CaN2O8·2H2O

  Calcium L-aspartate, as new generation calcium tonic is a   kind of amino acid cheliform calcium. It is main used   Medicine intermediate, Feed additives.

  Appearance   White crystalline powder
  Ca %   11.5-13.5
  Transmittance %   90.0 Min
  Specific Rotation [α]D20   +17.5°~+ 19.5°
  pH   6.0~8.0
  Loss on Drying %   0.5 Max
  Total Ash%   0.1 Max.
  Chloride[Cl] %   0.02 Max
  Heavy Metals   10 ppm Max
  Arsenic   2 ppm Max.
  Sulfate[SO42-] %   0.05 Max
  Ammonium salt[NH4] %   0.02 Max
  Iron[Fe]   30 ppm Max.
  Other amino acid   Negative

Package:Paper drum –25Kg

Storage: sealed and stored in a cool, light-resistant and dry place



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